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I know that when prospective patients in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin interested in cosmetic surgery are trying to choose a qualified, reputable and appropriate plastic surgeon, Chicago and its suburbs provide many options, which can result in a challenging situation. Choosing a surgeon to perform a breast enhancement procedure for example, and entrusting your health and body to that person is also an intensely personal process. That's why I understand that you need to be comfortable not only with my training history, professional credentials, technical skills and surgical results, but also my personality, "bedside manner" and character in general.

Meet Dr. Steinwald

Paul M. Steinwald, MD, is one of the few plastic surgeons in Chicago who is double board certified in both plastic and general surgery. Read On

Chances are you've done your pre-consultation research, and have narrowed down your choices to a select few Chicago plastic surgeons with whom you may wish to meet in person. Please allow me to give you some reasons why you should consider my practice among your top choices.

1. My Passion for Plastic Surgery

Performing plastic surgery in Chicago is fascinating, allows me to relate to a great variety of patients' needs and desires, and provides the challenge of matching these goals to the best-suited surgical plans. Through my intensive training (and since), I have had the opportunity to study detailed anatomy, learn the approaches that experts use to individualize and optimize surgical results, and then put this knowledge into practice during thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Plastic surgery also allows an expression of my passion for artistry and symmetry, and it is extremely fulfilling when a positive surgical result and change in the patient's life is realized.

Although my father was an Illinois-area plastic surgeon throughout my formative years, and therefore the specialty was "in my blood," it was not automatic that I would follow in his footsteps. I chose to focus on a surgical career early in my professional development, however, recognizing that very few fields would allow me to use my head, hands and heart in such equal measure. Ultimately I gravitated to a career in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, drawn to the field's challenging variety and reward for attention to detail. Finally, it's a fun, upbeat and even somewhat entertaining field (not lost on Hollywood), which can effect a dramatic, positive change in a patient's appearance and/or self-esteem, seemingly overnight.

2. My Professional Surgical Background

With regard to my credentials, there are very few plastic surgeons in our area who offer the unique profile of complete, bicoastal training in both the broad field of general surgery, as well as the specialty of plastic surgery, that I do. I made a point to immerse myself in the most challenging, highest quality educational regimens available to me at each crossroads in my professional development. I do sincerely believe that "nothing worth achieving comes easy," and I believe my credentials speak to a lifetime pursuit of excellence, which I am committed to offering on a day-to-day basis to every one of my patients.

I have recently attained re-certification from both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, both of which indicate that I have maintained a very high standard of performance and conduct in these respective fields. If you haven't yet learned about the importance of board certification in plastic surgery, please make sure to educate yourself before choosing a surgeon.

3. My Surgical Philosophy

My surgical philosophy is fairly straightforward: to compassionately apply the most effective, proven techniques that I would provide for a friend or family member, and to devote the same amount of personal attention and care in the post-operative period as I do on the day of surgery. The goal of this philosophy is to minimize the recovery period and optimize the long-term results for my patients, as well as help them feel safe and comfortable during every phase of their experience with us.

I prefer utilizing proven, gold-standard techniques that produce lasting, natural-looking results, over the "latest and greatest", most marketable techniques, often promoted by companies rather than surgeons. I therefore am fairly circumspect about newer techniques until their efficacy, safety and track record regarding good, enduring results has been established.

I also firmly believe in patient education and empowerment. I strive to have honest, forthright discussions with prospective candidates before surgery, letting a patient know early on if I feel that they are not really a good candidate for a given procedure, or if I cannot deliver what they are seeking. If they indeed are a good candidate, I believe in partnering with them in the decision-making process, giving them all of their options, and then time for thoughtful consideration of their options (including the review of before-and-after photos online; more below), since the decision to undergo plastic surgery is an exciting but also serious one. It is also a highly personal one, which should not be subjected to pressure or coercion from any external, inappropriate sources or forces.

Finally, I also strongly believe in the concept that "the essence of caring is presence", which is why I insist on seeing my patients at each and every post-operative appointment (rather than turn that duty over to nurses or assistants), to ensure continuity and quality of care. I think my surgical philosophy is a significant factor in why I have received so many positive letters and testimonials from my patients over the years.

4. My Personal Style

With regard to my personal style, my patients tell me that I have an affable, compassionate and reassuring bedside manner. I believe that my core Midwestern values are complemented by the fact that I have lived and trained in many different parts of the country, which enables me to effectively interact and connect with people of virtually all personalities and backgrounds. Only through open, honest communication will you be empowered to make the best possible decision for yourself, to help ensure that your overall experience is a positive one. My goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during the entire process, while delivering an experience and results that exceed your expectations.

"I'm extremely happy with my results, better than I expected. Dr. Steinwald has a wonderful bedside manner, and after meeting him at the consultation, I knew I was in good hands."

– Nicole, breast reduction patient

5. My Results

Not much of the above would mean much to my patients if I weren't able to consistently deliver high-quality results. I believe that the best results in plastic surgery are achieved when the most appropriate procedure for each individual patient is performed in highly focused fashion, with meticulous attention to detail. My excellent results come from years of training and experience, as well as dozens of small decisions made during the procedure itself. All of these factors and efforts help to maximize the patient's chances for an optimal result.

I also strongly believe in showing my prospective patients an array of actual results, so they know what to expect, rather than promoting a vague notion or dream. It is a matter of honesty, integrity and respect for prospective patients, which is why I publish so many real-life, unretouched before-and-after photos on my website. I largely let my results speak for themselves, because that allows you to judge my abilities for yourself.

It is an honor and privilege for me every day to be part of the partnerships I have enjoyed with my patients, and I hope to earn the opportunity to work with you as well. My staff has been selected and trained to help provide you with the most comfortable and satisfying experience possible. We would much rather "show you than tell you" about all of these things, however, so if you are a prospective patient interested in cosmetic surgery, and you like what you've seen and heard from this website so far, I encourage you to request a consultation. Thank you very much for your consideration, and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Paul M. Steinwald, MD

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