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The nose is one of the most critical facial structures, with respect to both your facial balance, as well as your airway function. Dr. Paul Steinwald performs nasal refinement surgery, or rhinoplasty in Chicago and Lake Forest to improve airflow (the "septoplasty" component), correct post-traumatic external nasal deformities, or improve cosmetically undesirable features of the nose. Often, he addresses several of these issues for his patients during the same surgery.

Meet Dr. Steinwald

Paul M. Steinwald, MD, is one of the few plastic surgeons in Chicago who is double board certified in both plastic and general surgery. Read On

Your Nose Surgery Options

Patients who have suffered nasal trauma may have functional issues such as poor airflow or chronic sinusitis. The former is often due to buckling or fracturing of the midline nasal septum, either due to congenital development or following trauma. Resection of a majority of this structure (a submucous resection of the nasal septum, or "SMR") through small intranasal incisions usually results in dramatic functional improvements. These procedures are often covered by insurance plans, and are performed under general anesthesia as an overnight procedure. Nasal packing is removed the next day.

Post-traumatic nasal deformities such as a widened dorsal bridge, dorsal hump on profile view, deviation of the tip or crookedness of the nose in general often require fracture and resetting of the bones or cartilage through small internal incisions (a "dorsal rhinoplasty"). Dr. Steinwald then resets the nasal pyramid in a more neutral, cosmetically pleasing position. For this type of rhinoplasty, an external splint is kept in place for about a week, and patients should avoid heavy activity or contact sports for about a month.

Non-traumatic cosmetic issues of the nose may include several of the aforementioned bony/cartilaginous deformities, as well as tip irregularities such as a boxy, bulbous or asymmetric tip, or irregular or widened nostrils. Correction of these issues usually requires extending the inner nasal incisions across the area between the nostrils (via an "open-tip rhinoplasty"), to directly access and reshape the cartilage irregularities (via trimming and/or suturing) that are responsible for the appearance of the lower nose.

If you live in or near Chicago, rhinoplasty specialists may be difficult to find, but not at Lake Forest Plastic Surgery. Dr. Steinwald is not only certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, but he effectively received five extra years of training from his father, who was an expert nasal surgeon in his own right. Dr. Steinwald is also highly skilled in other facial plastic surgery procedures such as eyelid surgery and face lift surgery.

Your Next Step

If you would like to see what Dr. Paul Steinwald can offer you with respect to rhinoplasty in Colorado, please call (303) 278-2600 or request your consultation online and save $50 off the regular consultation fee. (Coupon cannot be applied to cases where insurance is being billed.) Dr. Steinwald looks forward to helping you improve your appearance and breathing comfort through nose surgery.

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