Breast Reduction in Chicago

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One of the most popular and mutually satisfying procedures Dr. Steinwald performs is breast reduction surgery in his Chicago area practice. Women may develop disproportionately large breasts for their bodies during adolescence, during early adulthood after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or later in life with progressive weight gain due to a slowing metabolism. Women with this "mammary hypertrophy" often suffer from back, shoulder, or neck discomfort, bra strap indentations or skin rashes/irritation, as well as limitations in their lifestyle, clothing options, and overall self-confidence.

Meet Dr. Steinwald

Paul M. Steinwald, M.D. is one of the few plastic surgeons in Chicago who is double-board certified in both plastic and general surgery. Read On

The Chicago breast reduction procedures Dr. Steinwald performs are designed to excise large amounts of excess skin and underlying breast tissue, reducing and repositioning the nipple in a more aesthetically appropriate position, while subsequently performing a breast lift in Chicago. The trade-off is an anchor shaped scar that is largely hidden by the breast fold, but a great majority of women report a significant reduction in their symptoms and satisfaction regarding the appearance of their breasts following this safe and effective procedure, which is often covered by insurance plans if deemed "medically necessary."

Women who choose breast reduction performed by Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Steinwald usually have their procedure performed while they are under general anesthesia, and often an overnight stay is required. Dr. Steinwald often removes one pound or more from each breast (as required by most insurance companies), which usually alleviates back pain almost overnight. Most women are able to fully engage in "activities of daily living" or are even back at work within 1 to 2 weeks of surgery. They are soon after able to engage in exercise or more rigorous physical activities, which often leads to weight loss in general, to bring the whole body into better overall proportion.

Your Next Step

It's easy to learn more about having a breast reduction. Simply request a consultation online with Dr. Steinwald and save $50 off the regular consultation fee (coupon not valid in cases where insurance is being billed). Or, call The Center for Cosmetic Surgery at (303) 278-2600 to schedule your visit. Dr. Steinwald looks forward to helping you achieve increased comfort and an optimal appearance.

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