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Breast Enhancement in Chicago

The female breasts have long been celebrated as a symbol of feminity. However, many women would like to enhance their breast size or shape. Sometimes the breasts develop asymmetrically, are disproportionate to the rest of body, or are so large that they cause embarrassment or interfere with daily life. Often the breasts change significantly over time due to pregnancy, breast feeding, weight change, or the cumulative effects of age or gravity. Some women are even faced with the potentially devastating prospect of a mastectomy. The good news is that modern breast enhancement techniques in Chicago are very safe and effective at correcting a majority of these issues, or reconstructing the breast outright.

Meet Dr. Steinwald

Paul M. Steinwald, M.D. is one of the few plastic surgeons in Chicago who is double-board certified in both plastic and general surgery. Read On

Ultimately, in this day and age, almost any woman can have close to the breast size and shape she has always desired. Breast surgery is one of Dr. Steinwald's specialties, as he performs more breast enhancement and/or reconstructive surgeries than anything else in his practice.

Your Next Step

It's easy to learn more about breast enhancement. Simply request a consultation online with Dr. Steinwald and save $50 off the regular consultation fee. Or, call The Center for Cosmetic Surgery at (303) 278-2600 to schedule your visit. Dr. Steinwald looks forward to helping you achieve your optimal appearance.

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