Post Weight Loss Surgery in Chicago

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"Post weight loss surgery" refers to more involved cosmetic surgery procedures for Chicago area patients that are utilized when a patient has lost a significant amount of weight (i.e. over 50 lbs) naturally or via surgery, and when liposuction alone clearly would not be appropriate, due to poor skin tone and/or significant skin excess. These procedures are designed to remove and take in (i.e. "nip and tuck") areas of excess skin and fat, and although scarring can be extensive, the recontouring results are usually dramatic, and worth the trade-off to most patients.

Meet Dr. Steinwald

Paul M. Steinwald, M.D. is one of the few plastic surgeons in Chicago who is double-board certified in both plastic and general surgery. Read On

Post weight loss surgery patients in Chicago who have undergone successful gastric bypass surgery (GBP) typically lose 100 pounds or more during the first year. This significant change leaves patients with lax, excess skin and tissue, typically in their arms, chest, abdominal, or thigh areas. Fortunately, plastic surgery can provide dramatic improvements for these problems, once the patient is at or near a target, stable weight and is otherwise in good health.

More About Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Almost all people who have lost a significant amount of weight can benefit from abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in Chicago. An extended abdominoplasty utilizing a "fleur-de-lis" incision with a vertical component may be required to revise the original scar and/or address upper abdominal tissue redundancy. In extreme cases, a "belt lipectomy" may be performed, with incisions encircling the trunk.

Dr. Steinwald has extensive experience performing breast enhancement. For post weight loss patients, he usually performs a breast lift in Chicago to restore breast contour and position. In some cases, he combines a lift with breast augmentation. In addition, for those who have excess skin, Dr. Steinwald is skilled in performing breast reduction.

Lax upper arm skin and tissue often results in a "batwing" deformity, and is almost always addressed by direct skin and tissue excision through brachioplasty. Also called an armlift, this procedure is performed via an incision on the upper inner arm that usually angles back and down towards the posterior underarm area to avoid a contracture in this area.

Among the most challenging plastic surgery procedures for our weight loss surgery patients from Chicago, thigh lifts can be fairly involved, but good results can be achieved with a combination of skin excision of the inner thigh via an incision high up in the groin (occasionally T-shaped), and liposuction of the inner and/or lateral thigh areas. A belt lipectomy or body lift can also improve the contour of the lateral thigh areas.

Plastic Surgery Costs

Although the gastric bypass procedure itself is often covered by health insurance, a majority of these secondary procedures are not. Plastic surgery fees for post weight loss patients are usually significantly discounted, however, since most of these patients are faced with multiple issues and surgeries (which occasionally can be combined), and have already been through a lot as it is. Dr. Steinwald, who is board-certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery, and is a respected breast enhancement surgeon in Chicago, recognizes the special medical needs of some of these patients in the post-operative period, and is experienced in managing these issues.

Your Next Step

Following massive weight loss or gastric bypass, plastic surgery can help you achieve your ultimate transformation. To get started, request a consultation online with Dr. Steinwald and save $50 off the regular consultation fee. Or, call The Center for Cosmetic Surgery at (303) 278-2600 to schedule your visit. Dr. Steinwald looks forward to helping you achieve your optimal appearance.

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