Facelift, Neck Lift/Lipo Before & After Photos

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Case Number: 272


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AFTER (1 mo)


AFTER (1 mo)

This 62 year-old gentleman wished to improve his signs of lower facial aging, especially the early jowling and lax neck angle (especially on side view).  He also wished to soften the deepening creases, especially in the naso-labial areas ("parentheses" around the mouth).

I recommended a "mini-facelift" from an approach involving shorter scars around the ears on either side.  This was performed under light general anesthesia, and the patient recovered quite quickly.   (The patient also underwent a lower eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty.)  Note the improved definition in the  jaw and neckline areas, as both the skin and deeper supporting structures of the face were both tightened and trimmed, as well as resuspended in general to oppose the forces of gravity that had largely created these issues  (photos are from approximately 1 month post-op).  Although the creases of the face have also been nicely softened, I advised him that he is also an excellent candidate for  facial fillers in the areas of the nasolabial folds (which cannot always be fully corrected by a facelift alone).

Patient Age: 62
Patient Gender: Male

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