Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) Before & After Photos

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Case Number: 173


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This was a 38 year-old female rhinoplasty patient from Chicago area who came to me with a remote history of nasal trauma, which created both a septal deviation (evidenced by partially obstructed airflow on deep inspiration), as well as a persistently widened nasal bridge and a fairly prominent dorsal hump irregularity on profile view.

I recommended she undergo an insurance-based SMR (submucous resection of her nasal septum), as well as a dorsal takedown/reduction, which more often than not also requires bony fractures/osteotomies to reshape and smooth the dorsal nasal pyramid.  This was performed under light general anesthesia as an overnight procedure, and the patient did quite well, with both improved function as well as form (photographs are from approximately 6 months post-op).

Patient Gender: Female

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