Eyelid Lift Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Before & After Photos

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Case Number: 92


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This 48 year-old woman was interested in upper facial rejuvenation.  In particular, she was bothered by the circles under her eyes which were especially obvious in the mornings, and getting more prominent with age.  She also mentioned the heaviness of her brow, creating and upper eyelid “hooding” effect, and the appearance of being either chronically tired or angry.  I advised the patient that she was an excellent candidate for an upper and lower eyelid lift, to address her moderate skin redundancy, moreso on the upper than lower lid (which is normal), and fatty fullness, especially on the lower lids, which was responsible for the “bags” of the lower lids.  I advised the patient that she indeed had a somewhat ptotic, or drooping/descended brow, with a moderate amount of asymmetry, characterized by her somewhat lower right eyebrow.  I therefore recommended a subcutaneous browlift (without the use of endoscopes), utilizing bilateral incisions at at the hairline, which generally leads to less swelling/bruising/numbness.  She also underwent an upper and lower blepharoplasty to address the redundant skin and fattiness of the lids.

This indeed was performed under light general anesthesia as an outpatient, and the patient did very well post-operatively.  She also took Arnica Montana, an herbal supplement, to minimize bruising, which worked quite nicely, and she was back to nearly full activities soon after having her sutures out at days 5-7.  The patient’s photos are from approximately 6 weeks post-op (some minor swelling remains; she relocated elsewhere thereafter), but her lid and brow positions were already excellent.  If you have noticed that your eyebrows are just above or at the bony prominence (considered relatively normal in a male, but descended in a female), and you have lost the relatively youthful arch of your brow (or have noticed deepening furrows in general, and are not interested in serial BOTOX injections), you are probably a candidate, like many others living a stressful life in and around Chicago, for a browlift.  To find out more, simply call to schedule your consultation today.

Patient Age: 48
Patient Gender: Female

If you like the results you see here, request a consultation to learn more about how this procedure can help you achieve your ideal appearance. We encourage you to print your favorite photos and bring them with you during your consultation to help communicate your goals and expectations.

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may not occur for all patients. These photos are of an actual patient of our practice who has provided consent to display their pictures online.