Skin Excisions/Scar Revisions Before & After Photos

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Case Number: 323

Small full-thickness skin graft from right post-auricular area to right lower eyelid (for BCC)   Full-thickness skin graft from left clavicular area to left upper-lateral cheek (following wide excision of melanoma-in-situ)

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Full-thickness skin graft to right forehead from right clavicular area (for SCC)

Full-thickness skin graft from left neck area to left frontal scalp(for SCC)

Full-thickness skin graft from right clavicular area to right cheek (for SCC)

Full-thickness hair-bearing skin graft from groin to scalp following wide excision of melanoma

Split-thickness skin graft (from right hip) to dorsal foot (for SCC)

Split thickness skin graft from hip to expedite closure of chronic wound of tibial (lower leg) area

Post-operative example of skin grafts performed after excision of larger basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas in difficult areas (the lower eyelid, the forehead) or to expedite closure of larger wounds.

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