Breast Revision Before & After Photos

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Case Number: 295


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AFTER (3 mo)


AFTER (3 mo)

54 year-old patient with implants present for approximately 12 years; developed moderate capsular contractures (but no clear rupture), and desired outright removal of the implants.  She was advised that she of course would be smaller, but that she had relatively mild skin excess or nipple ptosis (drooping), and therefore a formal mastopexy would not be necessary.  She was advised however, that to collapse down and heal the current capsules that had developed in the implant space, that she would need an anterior capsulectomy following explantation on either side, and the placement of small drains for several days to minimize the chances of developing a seroma.

This indeed was performed as an outpatient under light general anesthesia, and the patient did very well, developed no complications, and was left with a very acceptable cosmetic result, in a smaller B-cup range (photos are from approximately 3 months post-op.)

Patient Gender: Female
Cup Size Before: C
Cup Size After: B

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