Liposuction Before & After Photos

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Case Number: 246


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AFTER (2 mo)


AFTER (2 mo)

38 year-old woman who had been pre-approved (like many each year in Chicago) for a breast reduction, but also wished to address her lower abdominal fullness (having had 2 children; the patient had dropped her post-pregnancy weight to approximately 145 pounds, but had residual fullness of her mid-abdominal areas. It was advised that she was a marginal candidate for liposuction (and that she was likely a better candidate for a tummy tuck if she wanted to dramatically recontour the abdomen, but she wished to avoid the longer (but well-hidden) incisions associated with that procedure.She ultimately elected to add an hour to her breast reduction procedure to have liposuction of her abdomen performed via small incisions in her umbilicus and groin areas; approximately 800cc was removed, with a subtle but noticeable improvement in her abdominal contour (photos from approximately 3 months post-op).

Patient Age: 38
Patient Gender: Female

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