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We understand the importance of seeing real world results. This is why we post as many photo sets as possible, for almost every type of procedure Dr. Steinwald performs. The opportunity to evaluate what is realistically possible in a surgeon's hands - is a critical step in your education and decision-making process.

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Body Contouring

Breast Enhancement

Facial Surgery

Non-surgical Procedures

For a complete listing of all of our before and after photos, click here to view all cases.

"I looked at before and after photos of surgeons all over the country and the ones Dr. Steinwald posted were equal or better. This confirmed my decision to stay at Lake Forest for my surgery. I am extremely pleased with the results."

– Julie, abdominoplasty surgery

Confidence (in Us) Before, Confidence (in Yourself) After...

In these photos, you can see the results of Dr. Steinwald's many years of training and experience, as well as the cumulative effect of the dozens of seemingly minor decisions and efforts he makes during each individual case to optimize patient outcomes. Not only are several variations on a procedure type shown here, but many body types/"starting points" are also represented. Click on the procedure categories for a list of all the patient photos available in that category, and a photo set itself to see more (standardized) views of that particular case, as well as surgeon's comments where appropriate. Finally, we want to thank the many prior Lake Forest Plastic Surgery patients who have wished to help educate prospective future patients by graciously providing their consent to appear in this photo gallery.