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Rapid Weight Loss Leading to Increase in Plastic Surgery

As the techniques and technology behind weight-loss surgery advance, Dr. Steinwald says more patients are requiring after-weight loss surgeries like tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and breast lift in Chicago to correct the effects of rapid weight loss.

Lake Forest, Illinois (August 2011) – Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul M. Steinwald of Lake Forest Plastic Surgery says that more patients are coming in for plastic surgery after weight-loss surgery. With the latest advances in weight-loss surgery techniques, men and women in the Chicago area are losing weight more rapidly. To correct concerns such as excess stomach skin, these patients are benefiting from post-weight loss plastic surgery procedures like an extended tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) in the Chicago area. Dr. Steinwald, who offers post-weight loss surgeries at his Lake Forest and Chicago practices, notes that these patients are among the most satisfied with their plastic surgery experience.

"Plastic surgery procedures like body-contouring and breast enhancement in Chicago are becoming more popular for those who have undergone massive weight loss," says Dr. Steinwald. "After bariatric surgery, weight loss often happens so quickly that the skin loses elasticity. As a result, these patients are concerned with sagging, excess skin, which plastic surgery can correct."

In addition to removing excess skin and tightening the remaining soft tissues, plastic surgery techniques such as power-assisted liposuction can remove stubborn fatty deposits in areas such as the love handles.  For some patients a tummy tuck combined with liposuction is an ideal solution.  Patients with more severe, circumferential tissue excess often need a "belt lipectomy" or circumferential body lift, which also greatly improves back folds or the buttock and outer thigh contours."

"Excess skin and fat can be physically and emotionally uncomfortable for weight-loss patients," says Dr. Steinwald. "Many of them have been working for years to lose weight and achieve the figure they've always wanted. Often patients can also develop rashes or other physical problems from the excess skin. For many, plastic surgery is the final step on their weight loss journey."

In addition to tummy tuck and liposuction, women who have lost substantial amounts of weight often benefit from breast lift in Chicago. Still others seek help with hanging skin from the upper arm (or a "batwing" deformity) via an arm lift, also called "brachioplasty." The procedures chosen depend on the patient's aesthetic goals, anatomy, and physical health. In general, according to Dr. Steinwald, most post weight-loss plastic surgery patients are much happier with their slimmer, healthier bodies.

To learn more about post weight loss plastic surgery, request a consultation online with Dr. Steinwald or call the Lake Forest Plastic Surgery office at (303) 278-2600.

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