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Cosmetic Surgery Takes Years off a Face, Plastic Surgeon Says

Dr. Paul M. Steinwald, a plastic surgery specialist in Chicago, comments on findings of a recent study that facial surgery makes a person look several years younger. He says he sees similar results with his Chicago face lift patients.

Chicago, Illinois (April 2012) – Dr. Paul M. Steinwald of Lake Forest Plastic Surgery agrees with a recent study that shows facial cosmetic surgery can make people look as much as 7 years younger. He finds that his plastic surgery patients in Chicago typically experience similar change after a face lift.

The study, which was published last month on the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery website, found that the number of years taken off a person's appearance varied depending on the type of surgery that was performed.

"The study found that facial procedures could decrease a person's perceived age by several years," Dr. Steinwald says. "It should be noted, however, that the amount of change will vary depending on a patient's tissue characteristics, the type of procedure he or she has performed, as well a patient's choice among plastic surgeons in areas like Chicago. Face lift patients at my practice typically experience a dramatic improvement in their overall facial appearance."

In addition to face lifts, Dr. Steinwald offers a number of non-surgical options for patients in or near Chicago such as Botox®/Dysport®, or JUVÉDERM®/Restylane® (soft tissue fillers) for temporizing results, but he says patients who desire a more extensive or long-lasting change should turn to either a mini or full face lift.

"As a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, I constantly seek not only to advance my skills as a surgeon but also to also provide the most appropriate, effective treatments for my patients," Dr. Steinwald says. "In many instances, a non-surgical option such as a 'liquid face lift' (using Botox or fillers) or a Lifestyle Lift® cannot provide the same long-lasting results as formal facial surgery."

Dr. Steinwald says one of the keys to achieving natural-looking results from procedures such as face lifts is to personalize the surgery to meet a patient's exact needs. He offers a variety of techniques, including deep-plane facelifts to achieve a more durable result, and commonly combines procedures to address multiple areas of the face simultaneously.

"Face lifts are highly effective at addressing descended cheeks and jowls and other advanced signs of mid-facial aging, but some patients may need complementary procedures such as a neck lift or a brow lift to create the balanced, rejuvenated look they desire," Dr. Steinwald says. "I customize procedures for each patient and aim to reverse or reduce the signs and appearance of aging with proven techniques to achieve long-lasting results that look natural."

Committed to helping others achieve their cosmetic goals, Dr. Steinwald is also a contributor to Make It Better, a regional lifestyle magazine that can be found online at

It's easy to learn more about having a face lift. Simply request a consultation online with Dr. Steinwald or call the Lake Forest Plastic Surgery Office at (303) 278-2600.

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